Adidas Fabela .6 Senior Hockey Stick

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Adidas Fabela .6 Senior Hockey Stick is a masterpiece that combines accuracy, control, and power. Crafted for the all-round player, this stick is engineered to enhance your performance on the field.

Key Features:

  1. Bow Shape: The Mid-Low Bow design, with dimensions of 250mm/22mm, is tailored to the female player's style. It offers a classic shape that allows for control and precision in every move.

  2. Head Shape: The Pure Control head shape provides players with a soft touch and crisp hitting. This configuration is ideal for those who want to take complete control of the game.

  3. Technology - 3D Geometry: The unique Adidas stick shape incorporates 3D Geometry. This design stiffens the shaft, leading to increased hitting power and a cleaner, sharper finish. The cut-away underside of the stick aids in lifting the ball more easily, adding versatility to your play.

  4. Engineered Construction: The stick's construction is carefully engineered to deliver a soft touch without compromising hitting power. It is fine-tuned to suit the dynamics of the female player's game.


  • Bow: Mid-Low Bow – 250mm/22mm
  • Head Shape: Pure Control


  • 3D Geometry: Enhances hitting power and provides a cleaner finish. The cut-away underside helps in lifting the ball more easily.

Elevate your game with the Adidas Fabela .6 Senior Hockey Stick — a perfect blend of precision, power, and control. Whether you're executing accurate passes or unleashing powerful shots, this stick is designed to complement the all-round female player. Take the field with confidence and style.