Kookaburra Shadow 5.1 Cricket Batting Gloves

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The Kookaburra Shadow 5.1 Cricket Batting Gloves offer Grade 5 quality and provide essential protection and comfort for cricket players. Here are the features of these gloves:

DNA: The gloves feature a Grade 5 quality construction, ensuring reliable performance and durability.

Palm: The palm of the gloves is made of premium synthetic material with Kookaburra's 'Max Flo' ventilation. This design allows for increased airflow and breathability, keeping your hands cool and dry during intense play.

Back: The back of the gloves is made of premium mesh material, providing excellent ventilation and moisture management.

Finger Protection: The gloves offer rounded cotton finger protection, which helps absorb impact and protect your fingers from potential injuries.

Thumb Protection: The gloves feature a two-piece rounded cotton construction for thumb protection, ensuring both flexibility and safety.

Lining: The gloves are lined with super soft brushed cotton, offering a comfortable feel against the skin and moisture absorption.

Gusset: The gloves have a cotton gusset, enhancing flexibility and breathability.

Wrist: The gloves come with a 50mm single-sided towel wristband that offers comfort and absorption. It features an 'Inverse Pull' hook and loop fastening, providing a secure and adjustable fit.

The Kookaburra Shadow 5.1 Cricket Batting Gloves are designed to deliver a combination of protection, comfort, and ventilation, making them suitable for players at the Grade 5 level and providing essential features for an enjoyable and safe batting experience.