Kookaburra Beast D4.5 Cricket Duffle Kit Bag

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The Kookaburra Beast D4.5 Cricket Duffle Kit Bag is designed to provide ample storage space and durability for cricketers.

Material: The bag is made of 600d and ribbed 500d materials, which offer durability and strength to withstand regular use.

Padded Straps: The bag is equipped with padded straps, ensuring comfort while carrying the bag on your shoulders.

Mesh Cushioned Back Panel: The bag features a mesh cushioned back panel, providing ventilation and added comfort during transportation.

Integral Padded Bat Sleeve: The bag includes an integral padded sleeve that can securely hold one cricket bat, offering protection and convenience.

External Batting Pad Pockets: There are external pockets designed specifically to hold two batting pads, allowing easy access and organization.

Durable Heavy-Duty Rubberized Base: The bag is constructed with a heavy-duty rubberized base, providing extra durability and protection against wear and tear.

External Pockets: The bag offers two additional external pockets, offering storage space for smaller items such as accessories, balls, or personal belongings.

Size: The bag measures approximately 90cm x 30cm x 30cm, providing sufficient space to accommodate all your cricket equipment.

Capacity: The bag has a capacity of 81 liters, ensuring ample room for your kit, clothing, and other essentials.

The Kookaburra Beast D4.5 Cricket Duffle Kit Bag is designed to meet the needs of cricketers who require a spacious and sturdy bag to carry their equipment to matches and training sessions. Its various compartments and durable construction make it a practical and reliable choice for storing and transporting your cricket gear.