NEW Skyer HyperFace Range


We are very excited to have launched the all new SKYER HYPERFACE RANGE. A Skyer closer to it's original roots but with with up to date technology and new ease of use features.

The Skyer was invented by Bill Cornford and his son James, a former minor counties and county second XI player.  Though many have attempted to copy the idea the Skyer remains the benchmark for many Elite coaches and its guaranteed to make life easier and improve the quality of your delivery.

NEW Fusion Skyer 2.0, MAX and Mini HyperFace.

Precision  and  Power Innovative training aid.

​The FUSION SKYER was the original and best coaches' bat on the market. Designed to give you the ability to hit the ball much higher and further than a normal cricket bat, with EASE and reducing the risk of fatigue or injury.


The HyperFace loves the warmth. Place the pad in the Sun or on a radiator to increase performance. Watch your players hands though!

After 2 years of development we are proud to introduce you to the all New Skyer Hyperface range.
Comprising three models to cater for every coach and situation the craziest coach can come up with the Hyperface range takes the original Skyer, which  had the best rebound on the market, and attaches a 'fuel injected Turbo' for the best performance we’ve experienced.
The secret to this is the all new Hyperface, made from a material which we scoured the planet for, a material which may look like any normal foam but we can assure you it’s properties are mind boggling. Light, resilient and with crazy rebound speed the Skyer Hyperface is going to insure that every ball can be hit further, faster and with less effort than ever before.
On top of the HyperFace we have also introduced a number of other improvements. The main feature of which is the increased hitting area which has been widened by 1 cm. This may not seem much but it makes a difference and will give every user confidence and ease of use.
Despite the larger hitting area because of the lightness of the HyperFace the Skyer 2.0 and Max are lighter than their predecessors.