Dukes Crown Prince Match Cricket Balls

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Top Cricket Ball from Dukes, manufactured in top quality English alum tanned leather.

  • Top quality English alum tanned leather
  • Cortex centre for shape retention
  • Fully Hand sewn
  • Traditional Greased Finish
  • Senior Size - 5.5oz
  • Suitable for top league cricket

About Dukes Cricket Balls

From the very top model as used exclusively in UK Test Matches to the junior model popular in schools cricket, the dedication to quality is relentless.

The very latest in leather technology has been embraced to keep ahead of the market. A number of other improved production processes are constantly being introduced and whilst not obvious to the naked eye, the resulting good shape retention and feel on the bat are appreciated by cricketers.

It is no accident that DUKES is selected for use in test matches, top level first class cricket and most premier level leagues in England.