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LEVERAGE Auto feeder for I WINNER – Compatible with Bowling machine


Autofeeder - Compatible with Bowling machine

An advanced gravity based cricket bowling machine ball feeder with capacity of 20 balls.



Leverage Dimple Balls

The special aerodynamic design of Leverage Bowling Machine Balls provides accurate and quality practice for the batsmen. Leverage Bowling Machine Balls are made of proprietary PU material and last very long compared to regular cricket balls. Unlike cheaper dimple balls, Leverage Cricket Bowling Machine balls do not cause harm to the Cricket Bowling Machines. Cheaper dimple balls are not accurate and pose a threat to the batman while practising. Available in 80g, 100g, 120g, 140g, 155g and different colours.



iWin Balls - iWinner Machine Balls

iWin Balls are made with non-wearing PU material, lasts for longer periods compared to regular cricket balls. They are slightly smaller than Machine Balls. These balls are to be used in iWinner ONLY.


 550.00 800.00
    • Easy to operate.
    • Sensor driven wheels
    • Advanced digital operations
    • Easy to install.
    • Highly portable.
    • Very Low Cost 2 Wheel Bowling Machine Ever
    • Speed upto 130kmph
    • Compatible with auto feeder.
    • Build your own cricket simulator
    • Bowls all kinds of deliveries like inswing, outswing, legspin and offspin.
  • SDK available for customisation.
Leverage iWinner Cricket Bowling Machine

Leverage iWinner 2.1

  • Quick change of speed/swing
  • Control swing/spin deviation
  • Increase speed by every km
  • An advanced line/length change mechanism
  • Works with tennis/iWin Balls
  • Made from highly durable plastic
  • Displays machine status
  • An additional line/length change mechanism to achieve advanced variations like Googly/Doosra
  • Intelligent features like Random, Match Practice or Match Situation
  • Can be operated with Battery
  • Speed upto 130kmph
  • Easy to operate
  • Sensor driven wheels
  • Easy to install
  • Highly portable
  • Compatible with auto feeder


 1,899.00 2,299.00

Why Master Digi Bowling Machine?

Robust construction coupled with cutting edge technology: Leverage Master Digi is engineered for relentless ball throwing. To take the unsparing impact from the continuously fed leather cricket balls, a Cricket Bowling Machine should have highly durable and powerful motors. At the same time, these motors should not be bulky to make the machine heavy. Our proprietary optimization technique makes the motor to deliver maximum power compared to other motors with the same specifications. Advanced algorithms coded in the firmware program combined with the sophisticated microcontrollers are used for the precision (less than one RPM error) control of the motors. Long term ball throwing accuracy of a bowling machine depends on a few crucial aspects. Leverage uses the proprietory Polyurethane compound for the sleeve of the wheels. These wheels withstand harsher environmental temperatures, optimized elastic recovery and uniform hardness to throw the leather balls repeatedly with the same precision at given RPM. Leverage bowling machine wheels are perfectly balanced and aligned to deliver a long term optimal performance.
  • Easy to operate
  • Sensor driven wheels
  • Advanced digital operations
  • Easy to install
  • Highly portable
  • Speed upto 160kmph
  • Compatible with auto feeder
  • Build your own cricket simulator
  • Ideally suitable for Malls, Events , Recreation & Coaching Camps
  • Bowls all kinds of deliveries like inswing, outswing, legspin and offspin
  • SDK available for customisation
Leverage Master Digi - Cricket Bowling Machines

Master Digi Models

Features Basic Plus Pro
Speed 160 160 160
Swing Levels 5 10 10
Match Pratice
Match Situation
Ball Counter
Battery Compatible
Autofeeder Compatible



The RoboArm - World's Fastest Ball Throwing Aid

The RoboArm is a ball throwing aid for batting and fielding practice. This innovative patent pending ball throwing aid has a tiltable ball holder, which helps in throwing the ball at higher speeds without changing the natural throw of a person. Now available with specifically engineered cup to hold the ball firmly and to simulate the wrist and fingers of a human. The RoboArm - fastest ball throwing aid



The SpeedArm - Ball Throwing Aid

SpeedArm - A revolutionary batting practice tool for cricket. Throws up to 120 kmph with a lot of control and accuracy. SpeedArm throws slow and flighted deliveries effectively. The throw of the ball is realistic due to its short size. The natural trajectory of SpeedArm ensures the batsman to sight the ball with ease. SpeedArm throws the old and new cricket balls in all the surfaces. When used with SpingBall, it can be an alternative for bowling machine who do not have large space to install at home.