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Gray Nicolls Powerbow Inferno Thunder Batting Pads Youth Ambidextrous

If you are looking for a pair of legguards that will give you good protection in casual or friendly cricket, the Powerbow Inferno Thunder batting pads are a perfect choice. The pads feature seven vertical section rods, giving excellent protection against good pace bowling. A vapour foam vertical shin bolster offer further coverage across the pad, contributing to lightweight, high-class performance. You will never lose flexibility thanks to the diffuser foam knee. It’s been split into three sections to increase mobility, but also to distribute impact across the entire knee area. The instep of the batting pad features cane rods. These will give you great coverage against balls that aim towards your ankle and foot, an area that can be particularly painful. The Powerbow Thunder pads are available in GEM sizing, with narrower fit and shorter straps. Featuring eye-catching Inferno flame design, you’ll stand out from the crowd for your performance and your style with the new Powerbow range. Features:
  • Seven vertical section rods
  • Vapour foam vertical shin bolster
  • Diffuser foam knee with three section split
  • Cane rod instep

Gray Nicolls Shockwave Power Pads Youth Ambidextrous

Risk vs reward is a phrase particularly prevalent in cricket. You risk hitting the ball in the air for the reward of hitting in six. In T20 cricket, you'll often put yourself at risk by getting into non-traditional body positions, for the reward of hitting the ball to all parts. When your body is on the line, you can trust the Shockwave Power pads to protect your legs. Our design team produced the Shockwave range with junior players in mind. An eye-catching name, with a design to get the blood pumping. A youngster will have no doubt in their mind when they choose the Shockwave leg guard, with its bold blue colourway and fractured pattern design. It was essential for us that the quality of the pad matched the style of it, and with the Shockwave Power, a junior cricketer will have all the protection they need. The diffuser foam bolster will offer ample protection against the hard ball, with none of the added weight that can impede youngsters at the crease. Movement and flexibility are essential in the modern game, and that is no different in junior cricket, as they try to replicate the style seen on television. The Cashmillon knee will ensure young cricketers have a comfortable experience wearing the Shockwave pads, as they attempt the same daring shots as played by their heroes. Discomfort and tiredness can be a significant issue in junior cricket, and we have designed the Shockwave Power to avoid these at all costs. The final feature of the pad is the Diffuser foam instep that works to ensure young cricketers feel no discomfort in the lower part of their leg and top of the foot. With pads in place, youngsters up and down the country can go out to bat with confidence in their protection and do their talking with their bat. Features:
  • Diffuser foam bolsters for unbeatable protection in junior cricket
  • Cashmillon knee gives young cricketers more comfort when playing more extended innings
  • Diffuser foam instep, adding comfort and protection around the foot area during long innings
  • Designed and tested by Gray-Nicolls in-house product development team


Kookaburra Kahuna batting pads offer a combination of traditional and modern materials that creates the ideal mix of playability and protection.
DNA • Grade 4 quality Impact Protection – External • Lightweight Reversed Foam & Reinforced Cane rods & HDF Side Wing • Three Piece Knee Roll with ergonomically shaped Vertical Bolsters provides enhanced shape retention & comfort Impact Protection – Internal • ‘Hybrid Tec’ Liner – combining shaped HDF with Comfort Fit MDF to enhance protection & reduce bulk Additional Features • Ergonomically Shaped Calf Straps to make fastening easier • PVC Instep with Piping Facing • Premium White PVC Straps • 50mm Calf & Ankle with 25mm Hook & Loop, 25mm Thigh with 25mm Hook & Loop


 39.00 45.00


● Made from high quality wipe cleanable PVC facing. ● Cashmilon reinforced construction. ● Foam filled vertical bolsters.


 45.00 55.00
● ULTRALITE foam pad moulded to fit any Leg perfectly and half of weight in comparsion to traditional Legguard.

SG Proflex

  • Light weight and molded construction
  • Compact wrap around fit
  • High-density foam facing
  • Low-density foam filled vertical bolster
  • Can be used by both left-handed and right-handed batsmen
  • Available in sizes Adult, Youth, Junior & S.Junior



Product Description:

  • SS Aerolite Moulded Batting Pads Men is a Pro series model.
  • This is a newer model and upgraded version of famous Aerolite traditional batting pads.
  • The speciality is, it is light weight and moulded Construction.
  • The pad is different from regular Aerolite model.
  • SS sunridges Aerolite pads is compact and round shape.
  • This moulded cricket pads has high density foam facing.
  • SS Aerolite cricket pads has triple vertical internal bolsters gives great protection and flexibility.
  • SS Aerolite moulded pads is Ideal for both intermediate players and professional players.
  • Its light weight material which allows easy movements.
  • Double wing protection suits right or left-handed batsmen.
  • SS Aerolite batting pad is a Ambidextrous pad, which can be used by both left-handed and right-handed batsmen.
  • Country of origin: Made in India.
  • SS Batting Pads is available in sizes Men.

SS Aerolite Cricket Batting Leg Guard YOUTH & BOYS

 40.00 45.00
  • Ultralite PU fronted pad with leather instep.
  • Traditional design
  • Professional quality pads
  • SS Grey-White colour scheme


 39.00 45.00
  • Traditional design
  • High quality leather batting gloves from ss sunridges
  • High density sponge with vertical cane bolsters
  • Fine quality pu outer for easy maintenance,Pvc instep wear resistant, long lasting piping for durability
  • Hard wearing instep with extra padding.


  • Very light modern style hdf pad with futuristic design made with light weight
  • High density PVC approx weight per pad 6.25 grams broad qualified side wing for extra protection coverage 3 piece inside knee construction pintucks and
  • Two cuts in knee makes it very rounded in shape triple vertical internal blosters give great protection and flexibility 50 mm to pull the pads straps fitted with pull tab velcro for easy attach and release laminated air mesh instep


 70.00 75.00
  • Latest TON Series batting Leg Guards
  • Designed with international cricketer's insight for professional performance
  • The SS SUNRIDGES Test Opener batting leg guards are made with great care by skilled craftsman
  • Made for Professional level and TEST level Cricket
  • Modern day design
  • Extra wide lead leg protection
  • Ultralite P.U. leg guard
  • High density polythelene bolstered
  • Additional padding for additional protection
  • Rounded high-density/low-rebound foam construction
  • 1 x 2" and 2 x 3” wide elastic strap bands with Velcro on each pad
  • Extra wide build in wing on the front leg for maximum protection
  • Cushioned straps for maximum comfort
  • Premier quality leather lining for improve durability
  • Extra wide calf and ankle straps are fitted on the pads