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Fusion Multi-Stump Shorty

NEW for 2016, the Shorty has been introduced due to popular demand. Measuring 14 inches in height the Shorty is perfect for focusing bowlers and fielders towards hitting the base of the stump


Look at any International or First class ground and see which stumps they are training with. Can they all be wrong ?

The FUSION MULTI-STUMP, cricket coaching and training aid, is aptly named due to the multiple roles it can perform.  This revolutionary product takes the previously functional stump into the 21st century and provides the coach and player with a training aid which responds to the needs of the modern cricketer. It is weather resistant, durable, light, flexible and bright and due to the unique interchangeable spike or base can be easily used on grass, AstroTurf or indoor surfaces.
The Multi-Stump was designed by FUSION SPORTS following a request from the England cricket team to provide a stump which would not be routinely broken by their fast bowlers. Fusion Sports answered that call with the MULTI-STUMP, which is exceptionally durable. We have improved the materials over the years and the current model is very light and flexible, which allows the ball to travel through the stump with minimal deflection, a big advantage to current stumps on the market today making it far safer to use.
The Multi-Stump is also used as a catching training aid. By passing a ball through the MULTI-STUMP, by either throwing, hitting with a cricket bat or using a Katchet, the ball takes a small secondary deflection through to waiting keeper and slip. This is ideal for keepers wishing to practice up to the stumps, but equally as useful for standing back practice. The MULTI-STUMP can also be used as a bat for nicking practice up to the stumps.
Due to the tapered design and the properties of the material, balls pass straight through the stump. This means fielding drills can be run continuously without having to replace the stumps when hit. Varying deflections from the stumps means keeping drills can be run with the keeper stood back or stood up. They are also Ideal for getting bowlers close into the stump, during delivery, without the fear of damaging fingers.

FUSION NEW Multi-stump Spike

NEW in July 2014 the Multi- stump spike has been combined with fibreglass to give a far harder and resilient spike for those hard summer grounds.



NEW Skyer HyperFace Range

We are very excited to have launched the all new SKYER HYPERFACE RANGE. A Skyer closer to it's original roots but with with up to date technology and new ease of use features.
The Skyer was invented by Bill Cornford and his son James, a former minor counties and county second XI player.  Though many have attempted to copy the idea the Skyer remains the benchmark for many Elite coaches and its guaranteed to make life easier and improve the quality of your delivery.

NEW Fusion Skyer 2.0, MAX and Mini HyperFace.

Precision  and  Power Innovative training aid.
​The FUSION SKYER was the original and best coaches' bat on the market. Designed to give you the ability to hit the ball much higher and further than a normal cricket bat, with EASE and reducing the risk of fatigue or injury.
TOP TIP The HyperFace loves the warmth. Place the pad in the Sun or on a radiator to increase performance. Watch your players hands though!
After 2 years of development we are proud to introduce you to the all New Skyer Hyperface range. Comprising three models to cater for every coach and situation the craziest coach can come up with the Hyperface range takes the original Skyer, which  had the best rebound on the market, and attaches a 'fuel injected Turbo' for the best performance we’ve experienced. The secret to this is the all new Hyperface, made from a material which we scoured the planet for, a material which may look like any normal foam but we can assure you it’s properties are mind boggling. Light, resilient and with crazy rebound speed the Skyer Hyperface is going to insure that every ball can be hit further, faster and with less effort than ever before. On top of the HyperFace we have also introduced a number of other improvements. The main feature of which is the increased hitting area which has been widened by 1 cm. This may not seem much but it makes a difference and will give every user confidence and ease of use. Despite the larger hitting area because of the lightness of the HyperFace the Skyer 2.0 and Max are lighter than their predecessors.



Fusion Skyer MAX - HyperFace

The all NEW Skyer MAX with HyperFace technology is the Mid-sized bat in our range. measuring 595mm in length it is 100mm shorter and approximately 100-150g lighter than it's big brother. However, with HyperFace technology the Max still packs a punch and will give incredible power and distance to your striking. The Increased hitting area will give everyone more confidence and ease of use



Fusion Skyer Mini - Hyperface

The Skyer Mini is the baby of the family but with HyperFace Technology will give performance beyond its size. Measuring 525mm and weighing approximately 650g the Mini is easy to use and will provide enough distance and power for all but the most demanding of Cricketers

K-BOWL Available in both Leather and Plastic versions

 16.99 18.99
The K-Bowl has been designed to help players and coaches improve their understanding of what the ball is doing in the air after it is released from the bowlers’ hand. Coaches: K-Bowl helps coaches see exactly how the ball is being released from the hand. IT APPLIES TO EVERY FORM OF BOWLING. Players: K-Bowl cannot be bowled incorrectly….at least not without noticing! If incorrectly released it won’t travel through the air correctly or bounce of the wicket correctly. It will be obvious. Crucially K-Bowl provides instant visual feedback as to:
  1. The direction of the seam as it travels through the air
  2. The axis of rotation of the ball
  3. The plane/tilt of the ball
This means that even inexperienced coaches and players will obtain an understanding of what is happening when the ball is released from the hand without the need for a high speed video recording.
 Safety K-Bowl may bounce unpredictably due to its unique shape.Therefore it should not be bowled at any person. K-Bowl is intended as a bowlers training tool only. No liability will be accepted for any injury caused through use of K-Bowl contrary to these instructions.



BallSak 2020

Designed to fit neatly in any KoachSak, it comfortably holds 24 Senior Cricket or Hockey Balls. Colour co-ordinated for Red, White or orange balls. Name window allows additional identification of the owner or contents.



Bat/stump tube

Included with every KoachSak but can be purchased separately for your KlubSak or duffle. Velcro attaches it to the internal fabric to give a versatile storage option for your bat, stumps or Sidearm.


  • Katchet is practical, portable and offers a constant challenge to cricketers of all ages and abilities.
  • Suitable for use with soft or hard ball, Katchet will provide situation specific training for all fielding positions.
  • Katchet mirrors random deflections encountered when the ball deviates after hitting the bat or wicket.
  • From school playing field to test arena, Katchet improves catching ability, technique, reflexes and fielding enjoyment.
  • Katchet has been designed to deflect the ball in an unpredictable yet realistic fashion.
  • Katchet uses a weather proof, impact resistant polypropylene surface which provides outstanding speed transference and durability.
  • The textured surface and precisely engineered angle of Katchet enables the thrower to produce bounce and pace for the catcher with minimum effort.
  • Katchet is a valued practice tool for International Cricket teams around the world.


Say hello to the KatchMax, an exciting new arrival which can be combined with your Katchet to provide greater variety and challenge. Now used by numerous International Cricket and Hockey teams.
"The KatchMax sits on top of your Katchet, meshing with its grooves, and providing a slim line product for additional options and experiences to help all cricketers have fun and improve their skills in more varied and match specific ways.
The underside of the KatchMax
We wanted to give players and coaches another level of deflection. The KatchMax is designed to provide varied deflection up to extreme to practice your foot movement and those spectacular diving catches and saves. The purpose of the ‘app’ design, as well as being lighter weight and space saving, was to provide a coach with the option of placing the KatchMax flat on the ground for ground fielding, inner circle practice.


Many of the KoachSak Pro benefits without the cost a VERSATILE bag, Whereas The KoachSak Pro is aimed at all coaches and Players from the Village green to the Test arena the KlubSak is aimed at clubs, Schools, players and coaches who wants to store there equipment in a practical and efficient manner without the bells and whistles the KoachSak Pro offers. The KlubSak has similar dimensions to the KoachSak Pro, without the front pocket internally there is our trademark velcro lining and two moveable dividers to allow you to have up to three separate compartments and greater flexibility. It has our trademark support splints to insure your bag stays upright in all conditions as well as wheels, drag handle and rucksack straps to make moving your equipment as easy as possible. There is one external net pocket on the side along with an internal net pocket located on one of the dividers. The KlubSak also has a reinforced base which attaches by velcro internally. We have not included a BallSak or Bat/stump/Sidearm Tube with the KlubSak. BallSak'S and tubes can be purchased separately if you wish.