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Catch Reactor Cricket Ball

Another fantastic product designed by our cricket specialists is the Catch Reactor ball. The Catch Reactor comes with moulded with six half spheres on the edge of the ball that when landed on cause the ball to move sharply in any direction. Perfect to improve ground fielding reactions, or give lightning quick reflexes in the slips – particularly off spin bowlers – the Catch Reactor ball is a fun but frustrating training device that will take your fielding game to the next level. Available in red to mimic the look a cricket ball, the Catch Reactor should be an essential item in a coach's box of tricks ready to test his players to the limit. Features:
  • Improves reflexes, reactions and coordination with random bounce
  • Ideal for catching practice

Feedbuddy Tennis Balls

3 x premium quality yellow Feed Buddy tennis balls to use with the Feed Buddy Machine.

Kookaburra Dimple Saturn Hockey Ball


Kookaburra Dimple Saturn Hockey Ball

Color:  Orange/ Pink / White / Yellow

Kookaburra Dimple Saturn Hockey Ball

  • As the largest manufacturer of hockey balls worldwide,
  • Kookaburra head the field from all aspects.
  • Including; technical development, design and quality.
  • Rotationally cast PVC casing dimple ball.
  • Colour: Orange

MANTIS Tennis Ball

  • Mantis Tennis Ball for recreational use & pet play.
  • Unbranded.
  • 60 balls.

Paceman Bowling Machine Balls

The Paceman Bowling Machine Balls are for use with the Paceman Machines - Paceman Pro X Bowling Machine and Paceman Strike Bowling Machine. Specification
  • Regular - Performance and feel of a regulation cricket ball. Suitable for use with all machines
  • Light - Performance without the risk of a heavier ball. Suitable for use with all machines
  • Mixed - Includes 2 x Junior, 2 x Light, 2 x Performance balls. Suitable for use with all machines
  • 12 Balls per pack (Light and Regular)
  • 6 Balls per pack (Mixed)
  • Colours: Regular - Yellow | Light - Yellow | Mixed - Yellow, Orange and White

Ram Cricket skills Training Ball Set – Senior or Junior

The Ram Cricket Training Ball Set is a multi-pack offering a saving on our three most popular training balls. Specification

Ram Cricket Softee Ball


Mid-pressured coaching ball.


  • Mid-pressure soft bounce
  • Embossed seam
  • Soft plastic construction
  • As found in Crazy Cricket Sets
  • Sizes: Senior or Junior
  • Colours: Fluoro Yellow
  • Sold in boxes of 6 balls

Ram Cricket Swing Ball


Perfect for coaching swing bowling and batting technique.


  • Raised seam to aid swing grip
  • Half rubber & half tennis ball
  • Realistic bounce
  • Size: Junior
  • Colours: Red/Silver
  • Sold in boxes of 6 ball